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In the book The Winning Rules Chapter VI mention is made of sydicates playing roulette for a profit of 3-5% per day. This equates to 120% per month or 1440% per annum!

This was achieved by using syndicates of players. But that was over 100 years ago ! They couldn't play online and computers hadn't been invented!

These days one can log into a casino and use a computer to identify betting opportunities, Instead of several players watching for triggers a computer could watch for several. Surely if it was possible for a group of players back then it should be relatively easy for one man and a computer shouldn't it?

Lets Find Out

If we start with 100 it should increase as follows
Day1 100
Day2 104
Day3 108
Day4 112
Day5 116
Day6 120
Day7 124
Day8 128
Day9 133
Day10 138
Day11 143
Day12 148
Day13 153
Day14 159
Day15 165
Day16 171
Day17 177
Day18 184
Day19 191
Day20 198
Day21 205

So after 21 days we should theoretically be able to double the starting capital.

I've recorded a series of tests to see just how possible it is. I'm starting with around 95 and will stop when I've doubled it.
Some may see it's too easy to win 4% every day. Well yes it isn't difficult but in these tests its taken me between 2 and 60 spins. Not many people would stop after 2 spins so I had to be strict. Below you will see how I got on. I played level stakes either 10p, 50p or 1.00. There are links to every video (best watched on a wide screen) in the left hand column.
Web Link & Day End Balance Number of Spins

So after 17 sessions and 382 spins I've increased my capital by 111%.
I actually could have done better ! I actually made a few errors in the early and later sessions. This goes to show one musn't get complacent. The last two sessions were the longest, my own fault I should have increased my stakes in relation to the capital.
I didn't rely on any one system, I had to bet every spin at this casino so I played relatively safe systems until an alert popped up. The first alert has usually occured within about 20 spins.

At most other casinos they give free spins so one could just spin the wheel until alerted.
Next I'm going to fine tune the alerts and possibly add a button for finals. For the record the systems I used (in no particular order) were

  1. The Beginners System
  2. Prudential
  3. Neighbours Systems XVII/b/c
  4. System on a Six and a Dozen (24 numbers)
  5. Neighbours on Wheel
  6. Finals
  7. The Hidden Dozen
So thats seven systems the last three are my own variations built into my program, the first four are over 100 years old ! All systems I've played to level stakes

You may buy the original The Winning Rules or Roulette Practically Considered by Sperienza on this site. It's a bit old fashioned but perfectly logical or you can buy my updated version "Online Roulette The Winning Rules on Amazon Both books are free with Roulette Key Gold or if you buy the books first I will refund your purchase price.