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Whoops I cocked up today and made a small loss !
I should have won comfortably after 24 spins but went to over 40 and luckily recovered on neighbours bets.

On reflection I'd made two errors

  1. I was playing too safe I'd set the alert for finals to 7 thinking I was being ultra cautious but because of this I missed two winning opportunities.
  2. On the first neighbours bet I had I bet 50p which didn't quite recover my losses, I should have increased it in line with my capital! Stupid Boy!!

    Look at it this way I sarted 14 days ago with 100 and 50p stakes, but now I'm getting closer to my target of 200 I didn't increase my stake. If I'd been playing with 1000 bank I'd be using 5 stakes but I didn't increase as my bank increased.

    OK I've made the mistake so you don't have to, hope it helps.

    To be honest I realised how easy it would be to fiddle the results but I hope you realise that's not the way I do things, there's enogh dishonesty in this business already, for the record below are all the numbers Play them though and see how you would have done


    Now have a look at the video and see how I should have played, and don't make the same mistakes I did, in other words , "Do as I say, not as I do!"

    Day 14 of Experiment at Bet Voyager No Zero Roulette Table