Today I've recorded my play to give newcomers an insight in to how I use my program

I've set a SMART target (Small, Achievable, Realistic and Timed.) of just 4%

In the book Chapter VI of 'The Winning Rules' it states "It is well known that such Syndicates or Companies or Associations-call them what you will-win large sums at Monte Carlo. Some of them are contented with winning from 2 to 4 percent per day on their money, at 4 percent. This means 120 percent, per month, or 1,440 percent, per annum."

Could this be true ? Is it practical? It should be easier now one can play online. At this rate it would take 20 days to double ones capital, so I thought I'd give it a go starting with about 100 at a BetVoyager no zero table. ( I could have used a French Table but I had the money in this account ready)

The video below shows day 7 of my 4% a day target
I start with the safe system VII, it goes awry but recovers, On the fourteenth Spin I get an alert for finals. I right click on the counter to zero it as I don't want to play more than 12 spins on finals. The next spin wins on the Safe System so I switch it off before it loses!
The final hits in just 4 spins with number 20.
I notice a neighbours alert could be due soon (by the yellow number 14 above the Save Replay button.
At this casino there are no free bets so I then try system XIIIa, which immediately loses two units but I immediately get an alert for the neigbours system XVIIb which wins on the first bet. (which it often does!)

The maximum number of spins I've had so far is 23 the minimum is just 6 at a live casino this could equate to between 6 and 23 minutes.

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